God vs. Terrorists

     Does it say anywhere in the Bible that GOD wants you dead then alive?  ANYBODY ???? What do you think the “The valley of the Shadow of death,I fear no evil, THY ROD THY STAFF COMFORT ME”, Mean? does that not say GOD wants YOU to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm, FROM ANYBODY ?

     Then WHY THE HELL are you letting ANYBODY ATTACK YOU and get away with it? I do not care who is attacking you BUT if YOU do not defend GOD at all costs from the TERRORISTS around us, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.
     It has become open season on people who believe in GOD because of the easy target SOME painted on our back.  I don’t know about you but I know GOD did not make us to be a doormat to every single cause out there. They attack us because they do not fear us, and YOU let them. 
     Fighting back is as old as the Bible and we must make the BULLIES out there FEAR US.  Can you just picture some GAY GUY getting in your face and YOU beat the living GOD into him?  How about the Muslims out there.  We all know the LEFT WING MEDIA will scream the loudest BUT RESPECT will be gained and a second thought will pop into a Queers mind before they act out. Are you doing God’s work by DEFENDING YOURSELF ? YES and it’s time we do.
This is covered under the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.
Dierks out.
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