If you THINK that PROTECTING YOURSELF BY ANY MEANS is somebodies else’s job, YOU THEN DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS ABOUT. NYC Politics CONTROL THE NYPD and tell what the NYPD can and can’t do. New York state is ran by well protected LEFTISTS COMMIES who will hang the police to keep their job. IT IS TIME WE AS AMERICANS START TO SUPPORT AND PROTECT THE POLICE AND NOT THE COMMIES AND BIG GREEDY GOVERNMENT IN POWER. We the PEOPLE have the power to change this.

Keep this in mind also, In the MAYOR’S SECURITY DETAIL ARE COPS. If they turn their back on him, WHO will protect the Commie Mayor and his LEFT WING ANTI WHITE FAMILY?…/gang-threatens-to-shoot-it-out-at-nyp…/

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