Fun ways to stop Commie protesters:

Alright, you want to stop the left wing silver spoon crybabies and have them live to cry in College another day? Well if they are not on your property and you do not want to drop them but make them run like the cowards they are, I got some LTL ideas that will get the running away. Are you ready?

Get a paintball MARKER and put a odd color balls in there with mostly Riot Balls mixed in. Even from 100 feet this will hurt like hell. I love the take the paint out of the paintballs and replace it with dear repellent liquid that stinks like hell, Wait that is a understatement. This stuff is real bad smelling so when the ball hits the commie and breaks open, NOBODY will want to be around them.

Next is glass breaker balls that are also on line and easy to get. Mix them in with the riot balls and even from 500 feet, They will hurt like hell and make the Commies run like hell. Want them to move? they will turn around and will run away and knocking over any other commie in their way to get the hell out of there.
PepperBalls are also great and will get the Commies crying and running like hell till their eyes close then they are sitting ducks for more paintballs.
Most hoppers hold 200 rounds and will make it easy for the Police officers to find the Commies in the Hospital or walking around due to the color of the paintballs on them.
Another TIP: Get a few air tanks and hoppers ready.

Laser sights and great along with a strobe flashlight to blond the Commies with after you tell them to get the hell away.

PaintBall Markers are great and fun !

Dierks’s out: This First Amendment artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

This is also great for home defense. Reach out and make a Commie hurt like hell then repeat and the problem will stop.

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