Florina The muslim Sucker.

     This past Saturday night Carly Florina ran into a 10 year old terrorist and her brother at her SouthEastern New Hampshire rally.
10 year old muslim terrorists brother asked Carly Florina ” Do you think Donald Trump is taking away our rights by not letting muslims in the country because of some terrorist attacks?” muslim sucker Florina replied:” I think Donald Trumphas said alot of things that are crazy”.
     The 10 year old muslim terrorist replies “Donald Trump is a moron”.
muslim sucker Florina replies “There you go Donald Trump is a moron. Out of the mouths of babes”.
     The 10 year old muslim terrorists tells MSM: “Donald Trump is a moron because he does not support racial rights, because he’s saying that muslims are bad and they should be kicked out of the country I do not think that is fair, because i’m a muslim, my mom’s side is a muslim, and it’s just not fair”.
      Just like muslim clock boy, these 2 junior muslim terrorists are plants and somebody running to be the President of the United States could not see that and then DEFEND AMERICA from the muslim plant. She did not even ask what mosque these little terrorist in training go to and what do they preach there nor just defend Trump from a muslim attack. She did ask them if they like being beaten by other muslims for showing a little ankle that came out from under their burka or even why does she hate Christians.
     Carly Florina failed at her first test if she wanted to be President, She did not have it in her to defend the United States.
Dierks’s out. This piece covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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