Do unto all muslims as they did anywhere to Christians.

Since it works well for muslims, Let me give this a try:

“Oh GOD, Please give unbearable force to the hands of all Christians to go after and stop by any means any and all muslims anywhere they sit, stand sleep or work. May you give Christians the knowledge to make all mosques anywhere they stand fall by any means it takes including FORCE if muslims chose not to do it themselves on their own before being TOLD by any Christian, Young or old, to do so or it will be done for them and their family.
Heavenly Father, May you train ALL CHRISTIANS the art of WAR with their Hands, Mind and Body to stop all muslims from spreading their cesspool religion of pig mohammad and his followers.

Too many God loving Christians have been murdered by muslims and NOW it is the time to do the same to muslims anywhere they are by any means it takes to bury islam in the septic tank where it belongs along with the koran.

God,May the mosques start to explode by the love of Christian Force. May Christians worldwide build strong social bonding groups all over and teach WARFARE on the pig muslims and incorporate this VALUE to their children.

In JESUS’s name I pray this, AMEN!”

This piece falls under the First Amendment and is protected by the Second Amendment.They can say it, So can I. If hey do not like my artwork, They can kiss my AMERICAN ASS.

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