College Buildings will Blow.

The Muslim Terrorists are here and being supported by tax dollars to train to attack America. Just look up Terrorist Training Camps in America and you will see a large list of them and …..Everyone being protected by the US Government as the US Government goes after Americans who follow the Constitution.

I made the very long drive to Hancock NY and watched for days Muslim Terrorists training in Central NY out in the open. They knew I was there as they sent out search parties to look for me and even used FLIR to find my heat signature at night ! They are training for WAR on US SOIL as dumb ass college children train for Gay Sex.

While the College Queers ana MEN who act, walk and talk like woman train to be lazy piece of shit living in their parents basement, Muslims are in training to KILL on US Soil. While the College Queers protest America and exchange hair coloring tips, Muslims are at shooting practice.

Colleges are where the first major bomb will go off that the MUSLIMS plant and set off. Colleges are a easy target due to the lack of men to defend the lesbian woman( Who may just be the saving grace of Gay men !) The bombs will go off there first due to such PC CRAP on Campuses today. Still when the buildings come down, The College Cry Babies will blame the Right instead of looking in the mirror who they support.

“Hay, HO HO, The College Building are gonna BLOW!”

Colleges are a soft target for Muslim Terrorists and Commies alike due to their LEFT LEANING Entitlement view of the world. Can anybody name a RIGHT WING COLLEGE ? I can’t and all Colleges are loaded up with Left Wing Professors who teach hate for America because they think it’s “Cool”. It’s cool until the Bombs go off and the see with their own LEFT WING EYES their friends being gunned down by the Terrorists. Still they will think it’s a side effect from past drug use and they will look to cuddle up with their Gay Partner.

Get ready, The Terrorist are. You watch and see.

Dierks Out.
This piece is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.

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