Brooklyn NY Gov Supports muslims over Christians.

A non citizen muslim man was attacked in Brooklyn NY. Yea so what the problem? muslims have been murdering Christians for years and not a peep until a non citizen muslim gets attacked and treated how muslims treat Christians worldwide.  This happen in Brooklyn NY and the locals are going nuts supporting this muslim! Today they will hold a rally in support of this non citizen muslim, Who’s muslim faith calls for the killing of all non muslims worldwide! This is just like Jews back in Germany supporting Hitler! The local Brooklyn NY Government is supporting this non citizen muslim! You can’t fix stupid.  Did anybody do a backround check on this non citizen muslim? How do you know he has not murdered Christians? How do you know he is not here for all the NYC Welfare, EBT Ect benefits?  How do you know he is not part of ISIS? If he loved America, How come he does not speak English and needs a translator?  The local news media in NY are making this guy out to be a saint.

     He’s the  other part of the story. The PERPS are Negros and the local media is not reporting that because they might offend a……….Negro. The video shows to PERPS running pulling up their pants.
     The sheer utter stupidity of the left who support people who want you dead will get more Americans worldwide BEHEADED. When have you heard of a muslim nation taking in Christians ? When have muslims protected Christians in the world?   Do a search and you will not find any.
     muslims are not Christian’s friends anywhere muslims are. Protect yourself from them at all times.
Dierks’s out: This piece is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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