Big Government’s TIME is up, The Revolution begins soon.

Would anybody wonder why if somebody just got sick and tired of how government treats Americans and our VETS, WHO bend over backwards for WETBACK ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS ?

Would anybody wonder why if somebody approached Government families in public and treated them like Government treats Americans?

When was the last time you went up to ILLEGAL ALIENS and told them to go home and get the FUCK OUT OF THE UNITED STATES? How about when was the last time you made ILLEGAL ALIENS feel uncomfortable around you? How about burning the SHITHOLE mexico flag in front of ILLEGAL ALIENS? How about at a town hall meeting? Burning a FLAG is LEGAL so do it in a town hall’s parking lot and if YOU are attacked, Sue the town and the town board.

Do you know where your local government lives and have you banged on their front door looking to talk to them? What happened? Government MUST FEAR THE PEOPLE and not the other way around. Government was designed to be a door mat to the people and it’s time we wipe our feet on them like they have been doing to us for way too many years.

When will AMERICANS TAKE BACK America from Government ? Get ready, Another revolution is just around the corner.

Dierks’s Out: This artwork is covered under the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment. Don’t like it? Kiss my American ass!

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