At The Point Of A Gun.

Are you ready for what Government my try to do to it’s American Citizens? Do you think Government works for American Citizens, Illegal Aliens, muslims or Americans? What has Government done recently that made American’s life a little easier? Government taxes the hell out of Americans and spends like hell. They never run out of money because all they have to do is go and collect and all taxes are collected at the point of a gun and behind the gun is a Government SWAT team of some sort. Government will send out their SWAT TEAMS faster to a American’s home then they would send one out to pick up a Illegal Alien.
Government hates people who stop them and keep them in check. Government hates people who can stop them with the force of a local Militia and this is one of the reasons why you should join and support your local Militia. If you do not have a local one, Start one.
Your home, everything you own and your body is a “US Constitution City” and Government MUST follow the US Constitution in dealing with you, BUT THEY DON’T and can hide behind intimidation of unlimited funds and Lawyers to attack you. Don’t let them or anybody intimidate you. Yes, Your tax dollars are paying them to do this to you.
On the other side, Government hates it when YOU or a local Militia stops them from using their power to force you to take a action they want you to do. You as a American are not their Slave, as Government sees you as. You are a FREE AMERICAN. Government gets power from the Tax Code. Have you read the Tax Code? In the Tax Code, You are guilty till you prove yourself innocent. This is how they like it and this is why you need a Tax Attorney to do your Taxes.
How do you save more of your hard earned money and even lower some of your taxes? Build your own Solar Panel and Wind Turbine system. Do it yourself. Keep it on the down low. The more power you make and use, the less in taxes you will spend. Less taxes means less to the Government to use against you and the more you can spend on protecting yourself. Low taxes mean less government and that is what American is about.

Dierks’s Out. This piece is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.

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