Anti Veteran Government picks Illegal Aliens over Americans.

Right now as I write this, Government is sending non stop plane after plane down to  mexico to pick up illegal aliens and then call them refugees when they land in the United States. Why are they doing this? to help them avoid the long trek thru the desert to break into the United States.

     When they land, They willl get every government handout  known to mankind. The president budgeted  just under 18 g’s a wetback that is imported.
     Government only budget 12 g’s per Veteran. Government has turned their backs on the Veteran in favor of the Illegal Criminal Alien. Do you know what I say???
     FUCK YOU GOVERNMENT and I hope and pray that the wetbacks you are importing along with the muslim terrorists , FIND YOUR FAMILY and they do what YOU have alowed and imported for many years here to Americans.
     I hope like hell one of the illegal aliens gets drunk and runs into your family like they have done for years to Americans and you just sit there and do nothing to protect America. I hope your family and you have to run for your life tobe safe and they catch you like they have done to Americans and again YOU just sit there and make up excuses.
     Don’t like what I said above? Go fuck yourself. Unlike you, I am a American who gives a dam about America and not your checkbook.
Dierks’s out:  This artwork is covered by the first amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.
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