Americans are under attack by government.

Government could care less about Americans and care only about themselves and will toss you under the bus by any means they have available to keep power. Just look at who Government attacks, Sends out their SWAT TEAMS to stop them DEAD, and who they just give a free pass to.  The radical minority left always get a free pass. Good examples are the “Occupy” groups, The Negro Panthers and “BLM”.  How many times has Government sent in their SWAT TEAMS to get rid of them? How many times have they been shot by SWAT TEAMS or any other federal “Law Enforcement” ? When has the DOJ gone after anybody who is connected to the Government who acts as “Enforces” to keep the “Government Kings and Queens” in power? Government hates anybody who makes their life a little hard and forces them to live like normal Americans. They will use their connections to get you out of their way or to stop you from making them look bad. This goes back to them being mostly lawyers who just by being a lawyer, they think is a intimating factor alone.  Government like Lawyers use the courts to get you to do what they want, and mostly punish you for speaking your mind. We still have a First Amendment here in the United States and if you do not say what government wants you to say, they send in their lawyers to attack you. First they steal your money out of your bank account then they serve you papers. Government will never run out of money but you can’t defend yourself. You can defend yourself in other ways that I will go into later BUT government thinks because they are so powerful, They can make you do what they want you to do. What “Pain” does government feel when they use their power to stop you from your First Amendment right? None and if they felt pain and had something to lose or their power trip also hurt them personally, Things would be different. All of a sudden they treat you with “Kid Gloves”. Government has limitations set into it BUT government does not respect their limitations because they do not feel the pain of their choices. I do not put it past anybody in America, Legal or Illegal, to one day go the families of those in Government and bang on their door and talk with them. What do you think would happen if “Government Employee X” robs your bank account then serves you papers and somebody goes and takes pictures of their families and with their addresses and their background looked into and all this information is personally delivered to the person who is trying to drag you into court? That would get their attention real fast and you just leveled the playing field. Now government can’t hide behind a government office of some sort and they from that point on know that they have to be “Nice” when dealing with you or maybe , just maybe they may have another problem to deal with later on in the future they created by going after somebody.

     Do you think it’s some accident that Government wants YOUR GUNS?  Government want’s you to be their slave and any American who can put up a fight to stop them they want out of their way. Make no mistake about it, Government works for themselves. Live FREE or Die FIGHTING.
Dierks’s out: This piece is covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.
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