A new day for Christians.


As a Christian I am sure you all just hate the cheep shots that the left wing media hits you with everytime they get a chance. They think it’s cool to attack Christians and they know that nothing will happen to them if they do and their friends will think they are informed. 
     What would you think happen if Christians defended themselves from the lefts attack and put a end to their constant attacks? Lets think not too far out of the box BUT what do you think would happen if Christians attacked the attackers and their family like the left have been doing for years?
     Speak softly and carry a big stick and know how to use it and on who attacks Christians. Can anybody tell me where it says I can not defend being a Christian and Form a neighborhood watch and FIGHT BACK? Can anybody tell me where in the Bible it says I can’t defend Christians by  any means possible?
The Left has been getting a free pass from the media from this  because the Media is controlled by spoiled brat rich kids who are left. The Left think it’s OK to attack Christians and Christians let them till now.
     How do you think the Left will feel when they are the Hunted after they attacked Christians? How do you think the Left will feel when they do not have their friends to back them up and it’s that big mouth Left VS. a group of Christians?  What will you think happen when the ATTACKED are now doing the ATTACKING and stopping the hate for Christians and turning the tables and not the check on the past attackers?
     Am I telling YOU to attack the Left like they attack Christians? YES.
Treat the LEFT like the LEFT has treated Christians. This is your duty.
This is covered under the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.
Dierks Out.
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