19 Prior PERP: Who let him out?

Government and MSM has been giving negros a free pass for so long that they now expect to get away with crime. Negros are Government and MSM’s best friends. Proof is in how they cover for the criminal negros and how they write, report or broadcast. In their eyes, The criminal negros can not do wrong BUT the White Community can never do anything right. If a White Community member defends himself from a negro criminal, it flat our racism BUT everytime a negro robs, rapes, attacks a member of the White Community, The Government, The Media and the Courts will look the other way and will DEFEND the negro from going to jail.
Good example is recently a 19 prior NY negro did not like how a OFF DUTY Cop was driving. The negro was with his “Baby Momma” and their negro offspring. This 19 prior negro was the parsing of the car, His “Baby Momma” was driving. When the WHITE off duty Cop was 3 cars ahead of them at a traffic light, The 19 prior negro got out of his car and attacked the WHITE off duty Cop while he was sitting in his car. The WHITE off duty Cop pulled out his off duty firearm and dropped the 19 prior negro and did the White Community a favor and killed the 19 prior negro, The “Baby Momma” smelling a big payout said the Cop did not have to shoot her negro sperm donor. The Government and MSM is running with the story how the 19 prior negro is Innocent and the Cop did not have to shoot him.

WHAT THE FUCK IS A 19 PRIOR NEGRO DOING ON THE STREETS AND WHO IS PROTECTING HIM< AND WHAT JUDGES LET HIM WALK? That is the question that the White Community wants answers. Dierks's Out: This First Amendment Artwork is PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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